Divide and conquer

This is just how I see it. To deal with marginalized people, normative culture uses a strategy of divide and conquer. I kind of feel like the game of prisoner’s dilemma starts like this: “We need you to sell out someone specific. We’ll give you a mouthpiece or even a job in exchange for it.Continue reading “Divide and conquer”

Ancient Voices (Russ Landau)

In the software world you’ve got businesses that graze their money from users who buy their product. These are like vegetarian animals. Then you have businesses that extract value from the process steps between users and businesses; these are like parasites. You have businesses that eat other businesses; these are like carnivores. Evolutionary forces haveContinue reading “Ancient Voices (Russ Landau)”

Beating a dead strawman

One other thing that I didn’t include in the last post, which was about distinguishing smart people from crazy people. It’s kinda relevant but kinda tangential. In online engineering spaces, you’ll run into a lot of takes that aren’t heterodox at all, but people certainly think they are. They happen to be really defensible. DesignContinue reading “Beating a dead strawman”

Mundane, sharp, crazy

When someone claims to be fourish standard deviations off the mean — 160 IQ, for instance — they’re probably lying or mistaken. Most of the time, when someone says “I’m competent,” you have to weigh the odds that they really are against the odds that they’re is completely wrong. Especially when it’s a really tallContinue reading “Mundane, sharp, crazy”

What’s Axie Infinity?

EDIT: Redditors looked at this post and while my theory is appealing for a few reasons (it implies that VCs, like retail investors, are dumb enough to be defrauded), it’s probably wrong. Retail investors are likely being fleeced, but my (elaborate) theory isn’t necessary as an explanation of this — crypto investors will basically buyContinue reading “What’s Axie Infinity?”


(CW; child sex abuse) This article is inspired by a thing I hate which Keeps Fucking Happening. To be less ambiguous for a few specific people who wonder why I’m typing, it’s about HypnotistSappho and SPLURT. Unlike most posts on my blog, it’s targeted to all age groups. Let’s say you’re sixteen. You meet aContinue reading “IT KEEPS HAPPENING”

Assessing Haskell

Most college-educated programmers know a few different languages before they enter the workforce. At my school we learned Java and C, and we were expected to pick up some Python on the side because it made things easier. Meanwhile, I see a lot of self-taught people learning Lua, thanks to Roblox. I think people whoContinue reading “Assessing Haskell”


Hey, I’m Nyeogmi! Some of you have encountered me on Twitter before, where I post about kink and furry topics. However, I’m also interested in code, politics, philosophy, and social adaptation. In real life, I’m the lead backend developer of a dating site, where I have a particular interest in infrastructure and performance. Sometimes you’llContinue reading “Greetings!”

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