Ancient Voices (Russ Landau)

if you’re not having an apocalyptic vision, you’re not paying attention

In the software world you’ve got businesses that graze their money from users who buy their product. These are like vegetarian animals.

Then you have businesses that extract value from the process steps between users and businesses; these are like parasites. You have businesses that eat other businesses; these are like carnivores.

Evolutionary forces have changed the shape of the corporate embryo. It used to be that you’d come out of the womb capable of walking; or if you came out incapable of walking, you’d learn to walk before the fat on your belly was gone. Otherwise, you’d die.

Today, wings and legs develop last. Profit, in a word, is in never being born. You can buy Facebook Ads without exiting the womb. All your piss and shit go out the same tube.

At some point you poke your head out of the barren wound and demand funding. A large strange bird eats you. You, an organ, gain protective walls to avoid reincorporation into the corporate body. Your former executive is Santa Claus to the right people and Ted Bundy to others.

The bird injects you with cancer cells inside its stomach. Now you’re dying. The original functions of an organ is no longer important, just its fat and glucose levels.

The protective wall of the growing tumor is permeable. You might imagine that the T-cells would learn to recognize it, then kill it off, but that isn’t true. Cancer doesn’t release antigens until it dies. Those who had obligation to speak up are asleep until others are killed.

A body forms inside the tumor. You have become the meat, fat, and gristle of that body. You release a cryptocurrency.

(Guest post by Ben “Coach” Wades.)

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