I have been reading PUA twitter for the last two days and _man_

Alternate title: 10 Things I Hate About Men.

On ethics:

  • It is not wrong for straight men to want to have more sex.
  • It is fucking weird how you will humanize women for one post and then dehumanize women for nine posts and then say “what, I’m not a misogynist” and point to the one post.

On context:

  • Women at a singles bar are literally there to find someone to have sex with. They want the same thing as you!!! You could just make smalltalk and ask. (Excuse me: “Playful Banter.”)
  • Most women in public contexts are not looking for a dude to fuck. If one of them responds to your advances, then congratulations — you got lucky!
  • Why are you acting like the woman is your enemy what the fuck. Why is she a slut for wanting to have sex with you when that is the same thing you want. How is she a controlling bitch for refusing.

On standards:

  • If your advice is “ask a hundred women because only ninety-nine of them will say no to you,” then apparently you are willing to fuck anything that moves.
  • The thing where you find a short woman and say “I usually only date tall women” is pretty gross and doesn’t work for the reasons you think it does. The reason it helps is that it implies you have literally any standards — which is false, because as emphasized, you are willing to fuck anything that moves.

On sex:

  • Don’t try to plan your response for when you’ve just had sex with a woman and she’s like “wow, when are we going to hook up again?”
  • Especially since literally no PUA resources seem to recognize that being a satisfying sexual partner takes effort.
  • The clitoris is not the thing at the very, very back of the slit, you absolute goon.

I have additional advice that doesn’t fit the format of the rest of this post, which is basically this — a lot of PUA dudes are just trying to get your money. One of the things that fucking stunned me is how many of them were promoting cryptocurrency scams. They do that because their followers are highly suggestible, and it makes them money, and most of them aren’t good people so they don’t really have a compunction against using you for your wallet.

I do not have the answers for how to have more casual straight sex. It is fairly likely PUA dudes are better at having casual straight sex than me: they’ve dedicated way more time to it and I’m not straight enough to be assed. But please don’t join a cult, or buy any programs. And don’t go to a fucking camp. And don’t take advice from people who repeatedly neg you and say “ah, but buying my thing will fix it” — they’re just using their strategies on you instead of women.

And often it is about selling a whole program. They don’t want you to think for yourself, so they try to take away the tools. They’ll tell you women are completely irrational and unpredictable, leaving you helpless — but they don’t truly believe that, because when they’re telling you about her objections to having sex with you, they give you pretty good answers.

To the extent that these responses are explained at all, the gurus explain them mechanistically. But the responses usually do make some sense if you understand them from the point of view of normal human psychology. They react to rational motives the gurus think she has, often in a crass, manipulative sort of way. You could cook them up yourself if you read a book on abuse and decided “well, I’ll do that.”

In my daily life I’m a programmer. When I was a kid I wasn’t buying my own programming books, so my parents bought me them. As a result, I’ve seen a million programming references that are like this — surface stuff interspersed with the message “you’re not smart enough to understand it” and “if something unexpected happens, buy my next book.” They’re all garbage!

My opinion is that, even if you’re a PUA, you don’t need this shit. You can go on hating women but humanize them slightly more and then you’d be able to handle these contingent situations without just buying more fucking programs every day of your life.

If you must be a PUA, read Albert Ellis’s book or something, because he’s dead, reputable, and not a rapist.

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