image of a bat waving hello
art by skdaffle

Hey, I’m Nyeogmi!

Some of you have encountered me on Twitter before, where I post about kink and furry topics. However, I’m also interested in code, politics, philosophy, and social adaptation.

In real life, I’m the lead backend developer of a dating site, where I have a particular interest in infrastructure and performance. Sometimes you’ll catch me opining about areas adjacent to my job, like game design and enterpreneurship.

If you’ve never kept up with a blog before, and you’d like to follow mine, then you have some options:

  • bookmarking my page with your browser
  • following me on WordPress (this will cause you to be emailed)
  • following me on Twitter (this will expose you to furry content)
  • using a feed reader such as Feedly (free) or BazQux Reader (paid, but worth it)

In general, blogs are hard to find. Unlike Tweets, they don’t move on their own, and there’s a lot more friction involved in subscribing. Because of that, if I write anything that fascinates you, you should probably repost it to Twitter, Reddit, and other social media.